Techlogic, Inc. ISO Accomplishments

Just a few of the major companies that Techlogic, Inc. supports Are: AD-TECH Medical, Applied Biometrics Medical, CNS, The TRANE Company, Stone Container, Rochester Medical, Chinook Group, Inc. St. Jude Medical, Medtronic BioMedicus, Gross-Given, Key Surgical, Dental Resources, Zirc Dental, ENDOREX, Wisconsin Generics, Innovax, Orasomal, Microvision, Micromedics, MARCO, FRSI, Novaspect, Marshall, Easy Braid Company, AC, CDI, Spectralytics, Twin Cities EDM, Branch Manufacturing, Federal Foam, Datacard, Chandler, Chicago Sterilization, Potlatch, Picosecond Pulse labs, Merit, The Burlington Northern and Santa Fe Railway Company.  Companies range in size from start-up to Fortune 500.

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