ISO-9001:2008 Quality Management System Consulting and

Training Services


Techlogic, Inc. provides a complete offering of ISO 9001:2008 implementation services.   Specific consulting and training services include: 

        Baseline assessment (gap analysis)

        Quality steering team (committee) set-up, implementation, and coordination

        ISO implementation planning, with detailed timelines

        Registrar selection

        Management overview training

        Employee overview training

        Documentation training

        Internal auditor training (quality system, product, process and performance)

        Detailed ISO training for the quality steering team and department/group/area champions (12 sessions)

        Detailed ISO training for employees (six sessions)

        Audit etiquette training

        Management review meeting planning and coordination

        Statistical analysis identification, planning, training, and coordination

        Monitoring and measurement of processes training

        Monitoring and measurement of product training

        Customer satisfaction system definition, implementation, and coordination

        Process validation and IQ/OQ/PQ consulting and training

        Flowcharting training and consulting (micro and macro) to interconnect processes (organizational and functional levels)

        Product verification and validation training

        Statutory and regulatory consulting and training

        Root cause analysis training

        Preventive action definition, implementation, and coordination

        Pre-assessment audit, with full reporting

        On-site assistance during the registration final audit

        Assistance in responding to audit nonconformities (if any)